Alignment- Based Integral Yoga emphasizes four key points:
Breath, Alignment, Sequencing, and Timing

Breath centered practice puts consistent effort into the improvement of breath awareness. Each exercise focuses on the flow and refinement of your breathing cadence (inspiration and expiration of the lungs).

Alignment means maintaining an intended pose in a structurally sound way. The use of props assists and encourages students to embody and hold an asana (a posture/pose adopted in performing hatha yoga) while ruling out potential injuries. Effective alignment helps to free up energy and achieve a balance between your body, breath, mind and spirit. ​

Sequencing refers to the intended succession of various poses. This is to ensure a systematic sound progression of your capabilities, along with the ‘opening’ and balancing of the energetic body.

Timing allows to steadily intensify the depth of a pose, once you solidify your stance in holding that particular pose. While gradually increasing your endurance and flexibility, timing enhances your sensitivity to the inherent interconnections between body, emotions, mind and spirit.

* improves physical and psychological health
* alleviates postural/structural problems
* releases emotional tension and removes energetic blocks
* improves the ability to focus and increases attention span
* expands degree of mindfulness (being present in the moment)
* increases energy levels, expanding lung volume.
* raises body and breath awareness 
* increases physical as well as mental strength and endurance

Every aspect of my yoga focuses on alignment in every layer of your being. It is important to prepare, open and strengthen the body for deeper and more subtle levels of inner work!

"The nature of yoga is to shine the light of awareness
into the darkest corners of the body."

Jason Crandell

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