I am a Multifaceted Well Being Specialist and Facilitator.

The work I share revolves around Sound Therapy, Breath Work, Meditation, Therapeutic Alignment- Based Yoga,  Natal Wellness and Ayurveda.  I am based in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

I am deeply connected to nature.  My approach to my work is integrated, holistic, and integrally natural.

My passion for Yoga and Sound runs very deep.  I have practiced and studied powerful teachers from all over the world and for many years applied various practices and disciplines to awaken and expand awareness, help maintain health, and navigate life’s many challenges.

The focal point of my practice and teachings are to grow in consciousness and awareness and to be firmly established in One’s Self.

I am a direct student of Sri Mooji Baba and follow Advaita Zen Philosophy in my life and teachings. I apply a Tantric perspective to the way I approach life in general.

I have more than a decade of practical teaching experience. I also have completed above 4000 hours in training and certification in various well-being schools

• Integral Therapy and Pre/Post Natal Yoga Certification from the Classical Yoga School in England

• Hatha Yoga Therapeutics Yoga Teacher Training and Ayurveda

• Vinyasa, Structural Yoga Therapy, Iyengar, Yin, Restorative  Yoga

• Breath Work Facilitator

• Certified Yoga for Grief Facilitator

• Certified Yoga Nidra Facilitator

• Certified Gong Master and Holistic Alchemist from the School of Holistic Resonance

• Gong Master and Sound Healing Training from the Cosmic Gong School, Portugal.

• Level I & II Sound Bath Training with the Sound Bath Center (Ascending Sounds), Los Angeles, CA

• Continuing Education with Swarupa Rod Stryker with the Para Yoga School.

• Participated in workshops, retreats, trainings and master classes by world renowned teachers such as James Murphy, Carrie Owerko, Jill Miller, Bobby Clennell, Mat Dreyfus, Max Strom, Jeralyn Glass, Dan Brule and Sri Mooji.

I have more than ten years of practical teaching experience during which I:
• Conducted and Facilitated many classes, trainings and workshops on Yoga Therapy, Yoga Nidra, Breath Work, Restorative Yoga, Yin Yoga, Natal Health, Meditation, Vocal Toning, Sound Healing and many others.
• Offered continuing education in Yoga Therapy, Anatomy, Pre/Post Natal Wellness, Sound Therapy, Yoga Nidra, Meditation, and Zen Advaita Philosophy.

My classes are an invitation for participants to challenge themselves at their own pace, develop a light-filled compassionate heart, and expand their levels of consciousness.
The goal is for my students to heal through a more thorough awareness of body, breath, emotions, mind and spirit.

I am committed to educating, supporting and helping people of all ages to reach their maximum potential, whatever their situation or abilities may be.

About the name: The Saudi Alchemist

At the age of fifteen, I read Paulo Coelho’s novel, The Alchemist. It would change my life forever. The book’s main theme is how to find one’s true destiny and spiritual calling. The whole journey teaches us to follow our heart; we should seize every opportunity in the pursuit of happiness. But the most impactful message it kept for me is, that the treasure we are searching for, somewhere out there, is and always has been hidden in the innermost part of ourselves! I am experiencing every day, the transformative power of all practice guidelines and amazing tools that I have so far been exposed to, and I am grateful to share these with my students. From the Alignment-Based Yoga that I practice and teach to the Breathwork and Sound Immersions that activate energy flowing, all the way to Meditation, the whole array of these activities leads to what I call, Inner Alchemy. It definitely is not magic. I am offering practical tools and a clear road map on how to attain the right perception and profound understanding of knowledge that is grounded in science and rooted in universal laws and logic. One of my esteemed teachers once called me a holistic alchemist, and that truly resonated with me, as it ties together pretty much all the things l do.
Oh, and yes, I am Saudi! =)

With love,

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